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01 Oct

New Study Reveals Dry Eye is Common Among Urban Residents

Dry eye syndrome is characterized by persistent redness, dryness, and burning sensation of the eyes. In some cases, the sensation of having something in the eyes is also present.

Here at our Las Cruces eye care practice, we treat the condition by figuring out the individual factors that may have contributed to the dry eye in each patient. This is in relation to recent studies linking the condition to a variety of factors such as use of contact lens, certain medications, and dry, windy climates.

More Common in Large and Heavily Populated Cities

A post recently published in The Huffington Post talked about how city dwellers are more likely to experience the classic signs of dry eye syndrome than their rural counterparts. Specifically, the results of the survey found out that dry eye manifests 3 to 4 times more among residents of New York City and Chicago than those who live in smaller, less polluted areas.

The researchers encouraged city residents to take steps in reducing dry eye symptoms such as using high-quality air filters and maintaining appropriate levels of humidity indoors.

Dry Eye Treatment in Las Cruces, New Mexico

The first step is finding a doctor who will take the time to accurately determine the cause of the dry eye and discuss your treatment options with you. Though dry eyes cannot be cured, there are a number of steps that can be taken to treat them. If you believe that you are experiencing dry eyes, please call Fillmore Eye Clinic today to schedule an eye exam. Call us at 1-800-323-4764 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment with us today!

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