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Everything You Need to Know About Eyelid Spasms

on February 01, 2013

While blepharospasm, commonly known as eyelid spasms, is a harmless condition in itself, it could be quite bothersome for affected individuals. At the Fillmore Eye Clinic, a Las Cruces Botox session is often recommended to help men and women with uncontrollable twitching of the eyelids.

Las Cruces Ophthalmology: Talking to Your Eye Doctor

on February 01, 2013

Like all relationships, a good doctor-patient relationship is all about working together to achieve the best possible goal. In this case, that would be optimum eye health. At the Fillmore Eye Clinic, Dr. Parley D. Fillmore and the rest of the team recognizes the importance of communication in building a solid doctor-patient relationship. This Las Cruces ophthalmology center provides state-of-the-art eye care complemented with highly experienced doctors and a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

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