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Las Cruces Ophthalmology: 5 Key Facts on Glaucoma

on January 01, 2013

Recent surveys estimate that there are approximately 2.2 million Americans who have glaucoma yet only half of these population knows they have it. This finding will not exactly come out as a surprise as glaucoma itself is a poorly understood eye disorder. Often, people are not aware of the severity of their vision problems associated with glaucoma. In relation with this rising problem, the Fillmore Eye Clinic is committed to providing superior eye care to clients who wish to have the latest quality care in the prevention and treatment of glaucoma.

Las Cruces Ophthalmology: Fast Facts on Computer Eye-Strain

on January 01, 2013

With everything going digital nowadays, it looks like almost everyone had their eyes glued into screens- from computer screens to your smartphone to video games. The highly experienced Las Cruces ophthalmologists at the Fillmore Eye Clinic are committed to provide you with comprehensive and quality eye care to help you avoid the damaging effects of computer eye-strain.

Read on below for a detailed guide on everything there is to know about computer eye-strain.

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