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01 Sep

Your Eyes and Ultraviolet Radiation

Majority of the population are already familiar with the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) exposure to their skin, increasing their chances of developing skin cancer. However, here at our Las Cruces eye care practice, we also make it a point to educate clients on the harmful effects of UV radiation, whether natural or artificial, to one’s eyes.

Specifically, the cornea and lens are the ones affected by long-term exposure to UV exposure. The following eye conditions may result from spending long hours under the sun without sufficient protection:

  • Cataract - clouding of the lens resulting to blurred vision
  • Pterygium - a non-cancerous lesion which could appear over the cornea, possibly blocking vision
  • Snow blindness - occurs after spending a day at the beach or after spending time in areas where UV rays could reflect off of pavements, snow and other surfaces, burning the eye’s front surface
  • Skin cancer around the eyelids - Lesions could appear around the eyelids, commonly in the lower lids

Protect Your Eyes From Further Damage

Sunglasses are your best bet against eye damage brought about by ultraviolet radiation. Advisable sunglasses features, as quoted from this source, should be “large eye size with side protection, less than 1% UV-B transmittance, less than 1% UV-A transmittance, gray or near-neutral colored lenses, good optical quality, and visible transmittance selected for visual comfort”.

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