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01 Dec

Dr. Fillmore’s Cataract Surgery & 7 Common Cataract Symptoms

Cataract is a condition, not a disease, affecting the eye. It is a very common condition for people above the age of 40 to 60, and is deemed as the principal cause of vision impairment and blindness all over the world.

The eye has a lens inside - composed of water and protein - and this lens works like a camera lens. The lens is responsible for adjusting light and the eye’s’s focus so that vision is clear in both close and distant objects. However, through time, the protein in the lens may clump together and gradually cloud a certain portion of the lens - this condition is known as cataract. The cataract may increase in size leading to significant vision impairment or, worse, blindness.

The rub here is that cataract development is indeed a slow, gradual process. Lens’ turning cloudy may not be readily noticed. Some people may not even be aware that they have a cataract until it is too late to reverse the condition.

The signs of cataract may be specific to different persons, but here are the seven common signs and symptoms that eye specialists have advised to keep an eye out for:
- Reduced intensity of colors
- Sudden changes in glasses prescription
- Double vision
- Blurred or hazy vision
- Increased sensitivity to glare from lights
- Increased difficulty seeing at night

The prudent thing to do upon noticing any of these signs and symptoms is to consult a ophthalmologist. At Fillmore Eye Clinic in Alamogordo, NM, you will be carefully examined. A surgical procedure is not always the first option, as some levels of cataract impairment may be corrected by a pair of new glasses, strong bifocals, and other visual aids.

Regardless, cataract surgery is necessary if the eye condition significantly interferes with your daily activities and is already a threat to permanently losing your vision. To schedule a consultation with our eye experts and specialists at Fillmore Eye Clinic, please connect with us at 1-800-323-4764 or via this Online Reservation Form.

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