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01 Jul

Emergency Eye Care Do’s and Don’ts

If you find yourself in an emergency situation concerning eye injuries, knowledge of the appropriate measures to do would surely come in handy. Seeking an eye care doctor should be a priority during these times and until you’ve arrived at the eye doctor’s clinic, the following do’s and don’ts in emergency eye care should be practiced.


  1. Flush the eyes with clean water in the event of chemical exposure.
  2. To avoid further damage, cover the eye with a folded cloth and hold it until you’ve sought treatment.
  3. For blunt traumas such as a black eye, apply cold compress to reduce swelling and bruising. Be careful not to put too much pressure though.
  4. Cover cuts around the eyes with bandage to avoid further infection and contamination.


  1. Except for profuse bleeding, avoid putting pressure into the eyes. Also, avoid touching or rubbing the injured area. Doing so will most likely cause further damage.
  2. When dealing with punctures or cuts, avoid flushing with water.
  3. Do not attempt to remove stuck objects as vital eye fluids may end up leaking.
  4. Do not ever delay medical attention. Doing so will increase your chances of vision loss.

Finding an Emergency Eye Doctor in Las Cruces, North Mexico

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