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Premium Lens

This procedure uses the same highly advanced technique practiced during routine cataract surgery. This accurate process involves the surgical removal of the natural lens of the eye. It is then replaced with an artificial lens implant calculated specifically for the amount of nearsightedness or farsightedness. This procedure is good for patients who want the added benefit of bifocal/multifocal vision without glasses.

One of the greatest advantages with this surgery is our ability to use the latest high-tech lens implants providing multifocal vision. This exciting advancement in lens technology allows patients to see both near and far, even for those patients over the age of forty who might otherwise need bifocals or reading glasses.

The Alcon Toric, AMO TECNIS, Trulign and B&L CrystaLens, premium lens implants are just a few of the options available at Fillmore Eye Clinic to improve the quality of your vision after cataract or refractive lens implant surgery.

Especially exciting are the latest lens implants that can provide both reading and distance vision without glasses. For 50 years, eye surgeons have used lens implants to replace the eye’s internal focusing lens, but until recently every lens implant acted simply like a fixed-focus lens. Three new lens implants have been FDA-approved recently for correction of both distance and reading vision.

Each of these implants works slightly differently, and not all implants are right for all patients. This page is designed to help people interested in these new-technology lens implants to understand the similarities and differences between them. Our surgeons have extensive experience implanting all of the lenses described here and take pride in helping each patient make an unbiased, informed decision on an implant that will provide a lifetime of clear vision.

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