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Looking to lessen your need for reading and distance glasses? For those wanting to see distance, up close, and everything in the middle, in our opinion nothing compares to Crystalens®. Crystalens® is a replacement for the cataractous human lens or a mis-powered human lens. Crystalens® lens implants move and focus at different distances similar to the way the natural human lens works when we are younger. This allows one to focus at different focal lengths or distances without the aid of glasses or bifocals.

Loss of depth perception, contrast and intermediate distance are not issues with Crystalens® implants. Crystalens® require extraordinary effort on the part of the surgeon and staff. We are proud of our results and invite you to learn more about this technology.

The Crystalens is a great choice for computer users and those involved with tasks slightly beyond a standard reading distance. This may not provide the greatest independence from reading glasses but it will provide excellent distance and intermediate reading.